Route 3

Rout 3 Crow Green Lennel Haugh.

Start and finish: Home Park Car Park, by the Castle Hotel Distance: 5.5km/ 3.5 miles Time: 2 hours Terrain: Pavements, grassy rides, woodland paths

1.  Leave the public car park, cross the main street and turn right.  As you approach the bridge you will meet a flight of steps descending to your left.  Follow these down and continue on the pavement  along Penitents Walk.  The house gardens are on your left and the Leet Water and grassland on your right.  As the path bears to the left, you will come across the meeting point of the River Tweed and the Leet Water at which point the path will follow the course of The Tweed downstream.  Up on your left is the Flodden Memorial and the Majoribanks Mausoleum.

2. This path adjacent to The Tweed is known as the Nuns Walk.  Please take
great care as there are steep drops near to the pavement.  Children should be kept under close supervision.

3.   On reaching the main road you will notice a tall obelisk, 21m (70ft) high, surmounted by the stone figure of Charles Majoribanks.  He was elected as the first Member of Parliament for Berwickshire after passing the Reform Act of 1832.  Turn right and continue along the pavement adjacent to the road, heading for the bridge across The Tweed.  Just before the Marriage House you will spot a gap in the wall on your right.  Proceed down the steps towards the small arch (“dry arch”) under the Coldstream bridge.  The Marriage House was long noted for runaway marriages of English couples, very much in the same way as Gretna Green.  Look out for the carved stone in the dry arch noting the flood mark of 9th February 1861.

4.   As you come out under the Marriage House you will note the cauld (weir) on the river, providing an opportunity to see Salmon rising and Heron feeding.  Make your way round the fishing hut and through the wicket gate, turn right onto the path which leads you up the Crow Green, between the river and electric fence bounding the field.  The Crow Green was once a nine hole golf course
and shooting range.  As you venture down the Crow Green watch out for a variety of riverside wildlife including Grey Wagtail, Oystercatcher, Cormorant and in summer, the flower, Meadow Cranebill.  Please respect the fishermen by keeping your dog under control.  As you reach the woods you will see two field gates and wicket gates which you should pass through.  Link: at this point the option exists to extend your walk on to Lennel Cemetery by heading a few yards up the hill and turning right through the woods, known as “Charlie’s Brae”. They were named after geologist Charles Witham who pioneered a technique of examining very thin slices of fossilised plants under a microscope, from a sample at this location.  This is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

5.   Proceed through the field gate in the stone dyke on your left, as waymarked.  Follow this fenced path for 400 metres back along Lennel Haugh, bearing right after 300m and heading for the dyke.  Note the mature exotic trees lining the hillside of Lennel Estate, subtly indicating the previous magnificence of this estate.  Lennel House was originally built in the 1820’s to the designs of John Patterson ,using an unusual “butterfly” plan.

6.   Proceed up the ramp or the stone steps and head left along this wooded path back towards Coldstream.  Sit on the bench and take a moment to enjoy the views and the tranquility, looking out across the Crow Green.

7.   On reaching the end of the dyke there is a track to your right, a field gate to your left and a burn leading down from the woods straight in front of you.  Follow this burn up stream, until you see the stone walls of Lennel Estate and a small culvert across the burn which you should cross and follow left. 8.   You will shortly come across two hunt gates which you should pass through, crossing a tarmac road, entering another wood until you reach a junction in the track.  Turn right at this point, leave the wood and take care crossing the main road before entering the woodland on the opposite side.

9.   Continue uphill through this woodland, ignoring any of the paths joining from the left, until you reach a track.  Bear left at this point, following the track down
to Priory Bank.  Take the right fork on the road in front of you, not continuing on Priory Bank but emerging on Duns Road.

10. Turn right and head right on the pavement, uphill away from the town centre and cross Duns Road into Bennecourt Drive on your left.  This street is named after Coldstream’s twin town, Bennecourt in France.  Follow the pavement down through this estate until you reach the bottom of the brae.  Bear left and pursue this footpath between the houses and gardens at the bottom of the hill as Bennecourt Drive continues round to the right.

11. After 50 metres you will see a path leading you right, down into the woodland, away from the adjacent housing estate of Home Place and Parkside.  Follow this and after 30 metres turn left onto the path behind the gardens of the houses backing on to the woodland.  Follow this woodland path back down the Leet Water, to the car park from where your journey commenced.