Route 1

Route 1 Lees Haugh Riverside

Start and finish: Home Park Car Park, by the Castle Hotel Distance: 4km/ 2.5 miles Time: 1.5 hours Terrain: Grassy paths, tracks and minor roads 

1.  Leave the car park and turn right heading along Coldstream High Street.  You will see the Lees Farm on your right as you cross the bridge.  At this point turn left and follow the road for a few yards until reaching a road on your right leading to Lees Mill Lane and Lees Mill Drive.  Follow this road as it changes to a track and continue down the hill to the left, away from the former Lees Stables, towards the former mill lade (a man made channel used to divert water to provide power for machinery). The old engine house appears on your right.

2 .  At the information panel, pass though the kissing gate and continue along the concrete track, over the old mill lade, following the fingerposts directing you to the “Riverside Walk”.

3. Turn right where the Leet Water on your left meets the River Tweed.  Follow the top of the water dykes which surround the cropped land.  These were built in 1820 by Sir James Marjoriebanks.  Labour was provided by POWs from the Napoleonic War (1815).  In winter this land sometimes floods providing a rich loam, good for growing arable crops.  On the river watch out for the bird life including Grey Wagtail, Oystercatcher, Goosander, Heron, and in summer, if you are very lucky, you may see Yellow Wagtail.

4.   Where the track divides there is an option to follow the riverbank round the river (a slightly longer route) or continue straight ahead along the water dyke, either will take you to the weir adjacent to the Lees fishing bothy.  Below the weir, the Scotland/ England Border leaves the middle of the river and goes around the edge of the field on the far bank, this is called the Baa’ Green.  It is believed that Wark and Coldstream used to have an annual football match there and the winner had the field for the next year.  The ownership went back and forward depending who won the match.

5.  At the Lees fishing bothy, turn right and continue round on the water dyke adjacent to the field until you come across the concrete road which you initially followed onto the haugh.

6.  Retrace your steps back to the car park or take some time to view the towns shops.