Henderson Park

Henderson Park provides a tranquil retreat in the town centre with a viewpoint out over the Tweed and the Cheviots beyond

Henderson Park, donated by a Dr.Henderson, is located on Coldstream's High Street, it is well-maintained and has a splendid view over the river Tweed and Cheviot Hills. HM Queen officially opened it and it is one of the formal settings for Coldstream Civic Week in the first week of August. It's a most relaxing spot - beautifil flowers, monuments to the Coldstream Guards, cherry trees, a view to the Battle of Flodden site and the splendid Coldstream Bridge. A public car park is next door along with an electric car charger. Why not pay it a visit when passing through Coldstream. The two pictures below are (top), the view from Henderson Park to the Coldstream Bridge and (bottom) the Coldstream Guards stone.