Civic Week

For visitors wanting to see what border life is like, then Coldstream civic week is well worth a visit. Here is a short resume of the week that attracts hundreds onto the streets, some days thousands.

Coldstream civic week is held in the first week of August and is the last of the Border Common Ridings and Festivals. It you need more information, then please read on.....

 (Research and Copyright with Coldstream and District Local History Society)

 Every summer during the first week in August, the town of Coldstream buzzes with anticipation at the arrival of another Civic Week.  Coldstream Civic Week is one of the annual summer festivals, or common ridings, that take place throughout the Borders region. Some can trace their origins back centuries to the times when young men rode on horseback around the town boundaries to secure the common ground and to ensure that there was no threat from unwanted visitors (English or otherwise). Other festivals have more recent origins, stemming from the times immediately before or just after the Second World War. Coldstream’s annual celebrations fall into the latter category. One thing that all these festivals have in common is that they generate a tremendous amount of pride amongst the local people in their own town, helping to maintain the special sense of community that all Borderers have.

Each Border Festival has its own unique character and traditions which are adhered to fervently. Coldstream is no different.