Community Trust

 but soon to be moving to the Rodger HallThis page is perhaps more appropriate for locals and any local who may consider supporting the trust or becoming a board member/trustee. Essentially, it's a FAQs domain.

Our place in the town?

The local authorities and NHS are clearly very important to Coldstream citizens, as well as housing associations, but there is considerable room in the area for third sector bodies like us. We are a registered charity and have been since 1998. Under new Scottish legislation, in 2014 we converted to a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) which gives our board of trustees greater protection from liability, we are able to do more for our community  in terms of our remit and aims and objectives and we can attract a greater range of external grants.

Other important third sector organisations in the town are: Gateway Association which arranges the town flowers, organises the High Street Christmas lights and the Coldstream Community News (CCN), the Connect Youth Group which occupies our community centre, the Royal British Legion - with various parts - and a Community Interest Company called Coldstream's Heritage which is repairing and conserving the medieval Lennel kirk. We also have Jock Law's Mens' Shed on the High Street. Coldstream Outdoor Play Project (COPP) is also now a charitable status SCIO. All these third sector bodies work closely together.

Our trust works to a constitution approved by the charity regulator OSCR, is governed by a health and safety policy and risk assessments, comprehensive insurance and proper procedures for all its activities. The board meets monthly (last Wednesday at 7pm), our financial year-end is the 31st August and we have an independent examiner who certifies our accounts.

We are a member of the Development Trust Association of Scotland which has over 200 members like us.

So what do we actually do?

Three things: we own, maintain and run activities in the community centre - see  the image of the centre across - on the High Street. The number of bookings has seen an increase lately and the community centre is proving to be very important for the community. Secondly we have a development committee which initiates all sorts of projects within the community to try to improve all aspects of the environment and heritage. Thirdly we run the Hudson Hirsel Fund for Hudson Hirsel LLP. Grants are awarded twice-yearly to local voluntary bodies, in June and November.

When we mention projects in the community, what's going on?

Here is a brief list:-

1) Community Energy Switch - for houses, as part of a group of UK local authorities and trusts, three times a year putting pressure on energy suppliers. Timescales: ongoing.

2) Coldstream Study and Community Action Plan (CAP) - through a joint steering group with community council. Timescales: late summer 2017, to produce a CAP to help improve Coldstream and attract investment. Hopefully this will hugely benefit Coldstream.

3) Jacob's Well Woodland Management - under an agreement, the trust is the site 'eyes and ears' for the Woodland Trust, Scotland. Timescales: ongoing but WTS plan to thin more trees in early summer 2017 and improve the signage.

4) Affordable Housing - we are planning to conserve a listed B property. Timescales: 2017/18. Restore and conserve a listed B building, improve a High Street eyesore, create affordable housing and a rental income for the trust.

5) Annual Beer Festival - in June each year

6) Great Tweed Running Race - round the Lees, for all ages. Timescales: 1st October 2017. PS: due to a clash of dates with another group, we are postponing the event till spring 2018.

7) Environmental tidying - litter collections, cleaning Blue Bell steps, keeping Nuns' Walk tidy, pruning bushes, clearing James Marjoribanks monument floor of moss, cutting grass and hedges behind the war memorial etc. Timescales: ongoing

8) Built Heritage - compiling a book on the town's Scheduled and Ancient Monuments (3) and Listed Buildings (80). Timescales: Christmas 2017.

9) Business Efficiency - encouraging local businesses to use this website (energy switch) to find cheaper energy and insurance costs. Timescales: ongoing. 

10) 'First True Border Toun' and a cross-border hub. To try and attract more visitors to the town.

These are the headline projects/initiatives at present.

 Who is involved in the Trust? 

We currently have 10 trustees who are Rannoch Daly, Gerald Tait, Gordon Thompson, Bill McGill, Kay Slater, Catherine Hadshar , Ian Howard, Tim McCormack, John Banks and Stuart Nixon. These are very hard-working people with different skills. But we need a few more to help us increase our income, maintain and run the community centre and have an even bigger impact on the community-at-large.

Do we employ people?

Yes, we have three people: Linda Trickett our coordinator, Adrian Price our caretaker and Susan Wilson, our cleaner. Very helpful and diligent people.

Could I become a trustee of the Trust?

Yes. there are no laid-down skills and experience required. The main thing is that a person keen to join us should have the spirit of the community at their heart. However, skills and experience in property, project management, finance, HR, organisation of events, social inclusion, sport, recreation and leisure activities, environment, marketing and tourism are always welcome. Contact Rannoch Daly on 01890-882662 if you would like to be a trustee, or discuss the possibilities. If Rannoch is not available, then contact secretary, Gerald Tait, on 01890-882685.

Can I just be a member of the trust?

Yes, merely call into the community centre and Linda will give you a form, or telephone her on 01890-883332 and she will arrange a form for you. You could also join the 200 Club (£5 per month) and the energy switch scheme which earns the trust £11 for a dual-fuel switch or £5.50 for electricity or gas.