Top 16 Final

The top 16 final will take place in the Eildon on Tues 28th march 8pm prompt with two tables in play.
1 v 16 -  2 v 15 and so on. Best of three and best of five for the final.
Tie for 16th position - Dave Armstrong goes through having played more games.

Final Result
Eildon 107314445286577769
Castle 106412555733584360
Besom Inn 10376374711412440

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2016/2017 Top 16 Final Positions
1R. FletcherN/Arms1091303232323223
2M. BaillieCastle1082233200223320
3K. BrownN/Arms98132320223219
4S. McCannCastle98123220223319
6P. CartledgeEildon 1073002330232217
7S. YoungN/Arms1073320002323217
8R. Elliott Eildon 1064032032030215
9G. TaitRBL8623202302315
10S. HomeB/Club1064002302332015
11K. MorganCastle96323203220014
12G. WatsonRBL1055300023300314
13D. MoffatEildon 8533300320213
14M. ClarkRBL95423020300313
15J. VeitchBesom195403023020313
16S. ThompsonEildon 65123232012
16D. ArmstrongEildon 752003232212
M. PollhammerBesom1046233003000011
W. WartonN/Arms94530332000011
G. SandersonCastle94520300302010
K. WilesN/Arms8440202303010
S. BowersEildon 94500030032210
N. CockburnCastle104600020322009
C. TelfordRBL532303039
B. WatsonCastle73433002008
B. CullenRBL103700332000008
K CooperEildon 43130328
J. YoungBesom103723000000027
S. SeatonBesom7343020p0027
K. WilsonB/Club103700200030207
G. BeveridgeB/Club1037202000p0206
L. MoffatEildon 220325
S ArnoldN/Arms42202035
R. LaidlawRBL523032p005
T. ScottRBL72532000p005
W. HislopCastle6240002035
B. TaitB/Club82620002p004
B LunnBesom41302002
M. FairleyBesom2022002
D. PurvisN/Arms202000
O. BissetBesom51400p000
W. LewinsBesom1010p0
C. BaillieB/Club30300pp00
J. HunterB/Club505000pp000
R. PurvisB/Club1010pp0
T. BeveridgeB/Club4040000pp0
S. LindsayCastle0
A. MoscropEildon 10100
A BrackEildon 3030000

Pool League 2016/17

Coldstream & District Pool League