Coldstream & District Pool AGM will take place in the Castle Hotel on Monday 16th October 2017 at

Other than normal AGM business, the main objective is to gauge interest and feasibility of a winter league again this year, therefore it would help if each venue can decide in advance of the meeting whether they can field a team. (Even if you can't make six please come along)
This would mean a decision can be taken on the night and a fixture list can be made and the league started quickly after.

Jake, Mark & Martin

Final Result
Eildon 107314445286577769
Castle 106412555733584360
Besom Inn 10376374711412440

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2016/2017 Top 16 Final Positions
1R. FletcherN/Arms1091303232323223
2M. BaillieCastle1082233200223320
3K. BrownN/Arms98132320223219
4S. McCannCastle98123220223319
6P. CartledgeEildon 1073002330232217
7S. YoungN/Arms1073320002323217
8R. Elliott Eildon 1064032032030215
9G. TaitRBL8623202302315
10S. HomeB/Club1064002302332015
11K. MorganCastle96323203220014
12G. WatsonRBL1055300023300314
13D. MoffatEildon 8533300320213
14M. ClarkRBL95423020300313
15J. VeitchBesom195403023020313
16S. ThompsonEildon 65123232012
16D. ArmstrongEildon 752003232212
M. PollhammerBesom1046233003000011
W. WartonN/Arms94530332000011
G. SandersonCastle94520300302010
K. WilesN/Arms8440202303010
S. BowersEildon 94500030032210
N. CockburnCastle104600020322009
C. TelfordRBL532303039
B. WatsonCastle73433002008
B. CullenRBL103700332000008
K CooperEildon 43130328
J. YoungBesom103723000000027
S. SeatonBesom7343020p0027
K. WilsonB/Club103700200030207
G. BeveridgeB/Club1037202000p0206
L. MoffatEildon 220325
S ArnoldN/Arms42202035
R. LaidlawRBL523032p005
T. ScottRBL72532000p005
W. HislopCastle6240002035
B. TaitB/Club82620002p004
B LunnBesom41302002
M. FairleyBesom2022002
D. PurvisN/Arms202000
O. BissetBesom51400p000
W. LewinsBesom1010p0
C. BaillieB/Club30300pp00
J. HunterB/Club505000pp000
R. PurvisB/Club1010pp0
T. BeveridgeB/Club4040000pp0
S. LindsayCastle0
A. MoscropEildon 10100
A BrackEildon 3030000

Pool League 2016/17

Coldstream & District Pool League