Bowling Club

Coldstream has an excellent and welcoming Bowling Club situated in Home Place.

Update for 2016 shortly.!

Coldstream Bowling Club has an excellent green, a comfortable and welcoming clubhouse and members who make new members welcome. If you wish to join contact the Secretary, Ray Field, on 01890-882820. on or just wander up to the club. 

Home Place
TD12 4D                   
Tel 01890 883511

Monday night 18:30 for 18:45 start for roll up night

Wednesday and Friday afternoon 14:00 – 16:00 practice sessions 

Everybody is welcome to come and watch or to try bowls (Flat sole shoes must be worn on the green bowls) Bowls can be provided

Saturday night bingo is held in the clubhouse at 20:00 prompt start all welcome

The clubhouse has a bar, TV and pool table for members, visitors needs to be signed in to use facilities

The club also runs a ‘100 club’ to raise funds which cost £12:00 per year with 4 prizes paid out every month £20:00, £15:: and two of £10:00 number are availible

If you require any information please contact the clubhouse or the secretary