Flower Show

Coldstream growers fllower show

Coldstream Open Flower Show is normally held every year in September, usually in the Community Centre. In 2017, the show is being held on Saturday 16th September. The following are the details:-

Exhibit Staging - 8am to 10:30am

Public Admissions - 2pm

Prize Giving - 4pm

Admission £1

Refreshments on Sale

Entries received by 4pm on Wednesday 13th September. 

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Main Office Bearers & Contacts:

Chair: Ella Purves - Tel: 01890-882551

Vice Chair: Anne Marie McCall - Tel: 01890-883072

Secretaries: Anne Marie McCall and Mrs H. Walker - Tel: 01890-882869 

Treasurer: Ailsa Dickson - Tel: 01890-882872

The images above of course are not entries for the Flower Show; merely displayed to let us look forward to better weather, the summer and beautiful plants.