Burns Club

Coldstream Burns Club is a full member of the Robert Burns World Federation and has been for a very long time. The Club was formed in 1888.

Coldstream Burns Club currently has nearly 150 male members and meets every January for its annual dinner to commemorate the life and works of the national bard, Robert Burns. The club has also ran a mixed night, principally to involve the ladies, since the 1960s and this is also well attended. The gents night generally takes place on the nearest Saturday to the 25th January (Bard's birthday) while the mixed night is generally on a Saturday night near Valentine's Day in February,

The Club also has a 'Bridge Ceremony' in May each year to commemorate Burns's visit to the Bridge on 7th May 1787. There is a interpretation board beside the Marjoribanks Monument which tells the story of the Club and Burns.

The club has had only six Secretaries since 1888 with Willie Gray, the first and founding Secretary, lasting an astonishing 54 years. Today, the Secretary is John Elliot (Humie) and he can be reached on 01890-882176. Any gent wishing to join the club should contact John for an application. The current Chairman is Rob Smith and Treasurer is Richard Melvin. The Club has some uniqueness in that Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Prime Minister, was once it's President. The club possesses some letters from Downing Street.