Energy Switch

Coldstream Energy Switch - Saving you money on gas and electricity Click the banner above to register your interest


HOW MANY ENERGY AUCTIONS ARE THERE IN A YEAR? There are three and the system generally opens for quotes in August, December and May each year. More details are on the front page of this website. Look for the energy switch button.

HOW MUCH CAN I SAVE?  It depends. In Coldstream, we have witnessed savings as high as £400pa. However, across the UK, savings are on average £230 pa 

HOW LONG DO CONTRACTS LAST? Normally a year. Essentially, like car and house insurance, we have to ask for quotes once a year to get a good deal. Over the years we have got used to energy contracts that are ongoing, but not now. If you switch say in the autumn, ask for a fresh quote at the next autumn. If you get opportunities to ask for quotes in between, these are optional for you.   

LET'S TALK ABOUT COLDSTREAM? - we joined the UK community energy switch system in the autumn of 2015 and our average saving is £234 pa but always look left for latest news. Also it's worth mentioning that 2 Coldstream households are now saving over £400pa. They were being ripped off!

WHY DON'T PEOPLE SWITCH THEN? - Various reasons:-

Cannot be bothered.........but to get a quote and then switch takes about 20 minutes.

We have solar panels......but it doesn't matter, this is a separate contract and you can still get a cheaper tariff with our energy switch. If you don't want to impact your electric contract, just go for gas savings!

I have a boiler maintenance contract with my existing energy doesn't matter, this is a separate contract from your energy supply

I am loyal to my British energy supplier........but some are owned by the French!

Power might have a 'blip' and be switched off.........never happened yet.

Too complicated...........but switching is absolutely easy. All the process is done for you.

Exit fees........but a lot of suppliers don't apply them and if they do, you can still save money. And if you are in the last 49 days of your contract, then exit fees don't apply.

I'm only halfway through my existing doesn't matter; the energy suppliers involved in your switch sort this out.

I raise enough money for the Coldstream community........yes, very much appreciated but why pay over the odds for energy?

I'm already a switcher through the internet (.......but you are approaching energy suppliers on your own and not with another 77,000 households supporting you) 


  • Available to Coldstream and district households but any household in the UK can join the Coldstream scheme.
  • By registering with the Coldstream switch, you are also with the national Big Community Switch
  • A large number of Councils in the UK and Coldstream and Sedgefield Community Trusts make up the scheme.
  • 3 auctions a year puts pressure on energy suppliers. Special tariffs are negotiated in a reverse auction.
  • Go back to the front page of this website and access 'Coldstream Energy Switch'. Or click on the banner above. There are more details there.
  • The registration for a quote process takes 10 minutes but you need your existing annual or projected kWh usage and/or costs
  • If you register for a quote there is no obligation. You will receive a quote which you can say 'yes' to or 'no'.
  • You can carry forward your registration of interest to the next auction.
  • You have a 75% chance of receiving a cost-saving quote. If you accept it, our Trust gets £11.00 for a dual-fuel switch and £5.50 for a single gas or electric switch.
  • Even if you have solar panels or only electricity (no gas e.g Birgham) you can still register and benefit
  • All the income from the eventual switches would help run the community centre
  • Please phone Gerald Tait 01890-882685 if you need help registering. 

One last important point:-

If you switch energy supplier with us your energy contract is for 12 months. When you get near the end of that contract, register with us for another quote.