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Gin Evening - Friday

Everybody is looking forward to the evening. Sharp 7pm in the community centre.

Poppies etc and War Memorial Garden

Congratulations to Honour our Troops - HOT - for the poppy presentations all over the town. Brilliant and very respectful of the fallen. HOT, supported by the community trust, is with Council approval and help going to make other improvements in the war m…

Community Energy Switch

Households should be getting energy offers through the post or on the e-mail. Look at them carefully and make sure the correct details of your current contract are listed, to make a decent comparison. Also, other energy schemes on the website, be careful…

Community Energy Switch

Coldstream, and elsewhere, households will be receiving their Community Energy Switch offers, either in the post or over the email. It's useful to compare the offers with other websites but please take into account VAT.....the community energy switch offe…

Heavy Goods Vehicles on High Street

The community trust and volunteers are in the middle of a 20 action project to confirm evidence of the impact heavy lorries are having on our High Street, especially the 44t ones from far afield. There is a reality that local lorries are important to the …

Community Energy Switch

Still open for quotes. Go to front page of website and enter Autumn Energy Switch button.