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Energy Switch and Solar Panels

Households with solar panels have a completely separate contract with the energy supplier involved. This does not need to be the same supplier that actually has your electricity contract, so you can switch and gain a cheaper tariff.

Energy Switch - Latest News

113 households have been offered savings of on average £234 pa 53 have accepted their deals The other 60 have until 24th November to accept their deals COME ON COLDSTREAM!

2016 Walking Festival

The Borders Walking Festival website, now under the control of Coldstream, is beginning to develop into a helpful site. It is planned to have it very interesting and informative by 7th December. In the New Year, probably, late February, it will be ready t…

Tea Party Fundraiser

Fundraiser by Coldstream & District Community Council to raise funds for the annual pensioners Christmas Party.

Energy Switch - Probable Savings

Please enter the 'energy switch' button on the right-hand side of the 'home' page, at about the 2 o'clock elevation. One household may have a world record of £600 pa savings. Only joking, but please view the potential savings available. Some are very enc…

Trust AGM & Social

Wednesday 18th 7pm and Social afterwards. Plus Connect youths going to explain how they are involved with this charity, how they enjoy it and how it benefits the town. Parents are coming too. Please come along; nobody will be putting pressure on anybody …

Poppy Exhibitions

What a splendid job Annemarie McCall and her pals have made of the exhibition of poppies across the town. Total respect. And the warhorse in the Market Square too; well done John Dickson.

Development Sub-Committee - Update

This is the November 2015 update and progress report for public comment.

Trust AGM & Social

Wednesday 18th November 7pm Community Centre. Social thereafter.

2016 Borders Walking Festival - Handover

Alex Thomson, Gerald Tait and Helen Rabour today attended the Focus Centre at Galashiels to receive the handover documents for the 2016 festival. The Gala committee were very helpful.

More Trees for Coldstream

The Woodland Trust donate trees to any community and Coldstream has claimed 30 - 10 Silver Birch, 10 Rowan and 10 Cherry.