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Coldstream Football Club

After 3 years of project management, the club which has existed since 1895 has now been awarded an Entry Level licence meaning that the club remains Berwickshire's only Full Member of the Scottish Football Association. The Club will continue to take part …

Border Gaitherin Car Paking

Extra parking is available in the Lees Steading near the Leet Bridge at the west-end of Coldstream.. Thanks to Colin McGregor.

Lennel Kirk Public Meeting

25 interested parties attended the public meeting on 28th May to discuss the project 'Conservation of Lennel Kirk'. Another 5 gave their apologies. The power point presentation is attached, as is a note of the meeting

Border Gaitherin Festival - 3 days of traditional music

' Traditionally....the Best ' A great traditional music festival weekend in the picturesque town of Coldstream on the River Tweed

Medieval Lennel Kirk - Public Meeting

Public meeting, open to anyone, to discuss the restoration and future of the medieval Lennel Kirk.

Community Development Group - Meeting

CDG meeting to discuss projects - Heritage, Community Energy, Environment, Sport and Recreation, Business and Trade and Fund- Raising for the Trust.

200 Club Draw May 2015

1st prize £250 - Mrs MI Carmichael (131) 2nd prize £150 WD Johnston (105) 3rd prize £50 Shiela Field (50) 4th prize £5 0 TJ Hope (2) Drawn by Henry Hunt

Coldstream SportsFest 2 day event for kids

Involving all sports clubs in Coldstream including taster sessions and friendly competition.

Coldstream and District Local History Society - Heritage Award

Apologies. We should have said that the Heritage Award mentioned in the previous news is in relation to the transcription of headstones at Lennel Kirkyard and the the product of this work can be found on the History Society website www.coldstreamhistoryso…

Heritage Award

Coldstream History Society is being put forward by Historic Scotland for a national award. The Scottish Heritage Angel Awards are supported by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation. They were established in 2014. The first such awards in Scotland, the progra…

Coldstream Outdoor Playpark Project - COPP

Officials of this Trust, the COPP and representatives from BAVS and SBC Regeneration Department met last Thursday to discuss the way forward with the project, planned to be based in Home Park. It was agreed that any grant applications would be in the name…

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