Slide-Show photos by David Guthrie, David Shepherd, John Fulton and Gerald Tait who work hard for their community

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The War Memorial on Coldstream High Street and next door to the Coldstream Community Centre. There are plans to have a memorial garden behind the war memorial.


Return of Scocha - 1st Sept 2017

Tickets £13 - available now.

Coldstream Mens' Shed.jpg

(Coldstream Mens' Shed members with Jamie Hudson)

 Coldstream Bowling Club.jpg

(Bill Tait, Treasurer of the Bowling Club, with Jamie Hudson)

Borders Buzz Club.jpg

(Marcia Lauder of the Borders Buzz Club and colleagues with Jamie Hudson)


The Hudson Hirsel Awards Panel met on 26th June to award grants to 3 valuable organisations in the town. Today (20th July), the 3 groups and Jamie Hudson of the Hudson Hirsel LLP attended the community centre to meet the 3 groups and make the awards. It was explained that the Hudson Hirsel Fund had now, since June 2016, awarded grants to 12 organisations in the town, totalling nearly £17,000 and impacting young and old. Depending on the sale of houses at the Leet Haugh, the intention is to continue to fund community organisations, but this may take time of course.

The 3 groups awarded grants on this occasion were the Coldstream Mens' Shed (£3,000) to help refurbish the Rodger Hall, Coldstream Bowling Club (£1,500) to purchase equipment for youngsters and the Borders Buzz Club (£1,000) to help develop further its social functions.

The next round of grant applications are due by 1st November 2017 and generally, at this stage, the fund tends to restrict grants to £3,000. The awards panel likes bodies that have initiatives that will make a difference to the town and to a body's membership. Electronic grant applications in pdf format are preferred but hard copy applications would not be discouraged.. 

Guidance for Applicants

Grant Application  




The Community Trust and Gateway Association are scoping a project to survey the number of HGV lorries entering our High Street each day. During some parts of the day, a 44t HGV can be seen every 4 minutes. These are the current survey results. There are more coming. The image above, taken by John Fulton, shows two HGVs in a very compromising position, impacting on pedestrians, other vehicles, street furniture and air quality. In some respects, Coldstream is an accident waiting to happen. The project, in the knowledge of our MP, MSP, SBC councillors and community councillors hopes to:-

1) provide solid evidence of HGV impact

2) provide evidence of impact in Northumberland villages like Powburn

3) fathom whether this is a UK problem (it probably is)

3) find out the latest government thoughts on HGVs and satnav

4) provide more evidence of uncompromising situations on our High Street and at the Marriage House involving HGVs

5) provide any other compelling evidence.

The project results are likely to be ready by November when the evidence will be handed to the authorities.