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The joint steering group of the community council and community trust is only about a month and a half away from agreeing the final CAP with our community consultant. The CAP is likely to include some very helpful actions to help Coldstream deal with necessary improvements.

A volunteer, joint litter-pick took place this morning between the Trust and Cornhill Parish Council and 13 bags of rubbish were deposited at the bin at the lay-by. A wide range of litter was lifted - plastic bottles, cans, cardboard, plastic trays, food wrappers, sweetie papers etc. It was good fun and apologies to the litter-louts! Alec and Lynn Borthwick kindly litter-picked the verges leading to the Coldstream Health Centre.


New gravelled path at Lennel kirkyard, connecting entrance gate to kirk. New information board has been installed. The work of Allan Hague Handyman Services and The Osprey Company respectively and organised by the town's community interest company, Coldstream's Heritage Ltd.